Fast Object Queries for Hibernate

Overcome performance and scalability problems of HQL queries without escaping to SQL: Write compact object queries with Hibernate and still get efficient SQL!

FastOQL™ Explorer (Beta)

FastOQL™ Explorer is a lightweight, simple to use, Web-based console for browsing a Hibernate database through issuing OQL queries at runtime, like in classical SQL-based database administration (DBA) tools. It is a HTTP servlet and works as an extension to the FastOQL™ core engine.

With FastOQL™ Explorer, you can:

  • issue OQL object queries to your Hibernate database at runtime, to see your data as objects and navigate between them in a simple way, instead of using low-level SQL queries to see simple relational records, having to interpret them manually as objects
  • browse your class model with the same simple interface
  • you can access your database through any Web browser and the HTTP server embedded in your FastOQL™ installation, so you do not need any special development tool or a separate port opened to access your database directly, which is convenient for development, but especially for inspecting production systems.

To see how it works, look at a demo example (just type "help" and you will get an embedded online help, and the rest is self-explanatory).

FastOQL™ Explorer is distributed as a separate Java project (jar file). It depends on the FastOQL™ main jar file.

Once you install FastOQL™, you can download and install FastOQL™ Explorer.